EASY TO USE – Having a simple yet very smart design, making it very easy to use.

PERFECT GIFT IDEA – For your loved ones, regardless of age or occasion.

DISHWASHER SAFE – Stainless steel construction, you never need to worry about your icing nozzles corroding or rusting,

SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS – Every set comes with a well designed assembly user manual, suited for everyone’s understanding.

Articook instantly helps you to become a great decorator

Using the Articook russian piping tips set, you can easily surprise your loved ones with beautiful flower decorations, effortless

Why will this be your BEST PURCHASE today?

  • This Articook set includes every pipe shape you will ever need for you cake decorating experience
  • You get 2 different couplers and 11 piping bags for more intricate and beautiful designs
  • Each set contains a well thought out user manual
  • The special materials, used to create the icing nozzles, allow you to wash the pipes very easy
  • It is a great gift idea for your friends and loved ones, regardless of age or occasion