Some of my favorite recipes are from my Grandma, this Fettuccine with Potatoes and Paprika is one of them. I think it`s amazing how the flavors of the food can take you back in time where you first ate them, and this recipe is one of those.



  • 500 g fettuccine pasta
  • 10 or 12 small and medium potatoes
  • paprika
  • 1 yellow onion
  • salt and pepper
  • to serve: plain yogurt

Fettuccine with Potatoes and Paprika

  1. We`ll start by peeling and cutting the potatoes into small cubes.
  2. Then we ll boil them into salted water. When they’re done, we`ll drain them and let them air dry.
  3. We boil the pasta in some salted water as well. In the meantime we`ll add some olive oil in a pan so we can cook the onion, that has been cut into small pieces.
  4. We let the onion cook at medium heat until it becomes soft.
  5. Then,we add 2-3 tablespoons of sweet red pepper spice and mix it well with the onion and we`ll add the potatoes right away, so we don`t overcook the onion and sweet red pepper spice.
  6. With a wood spatula we ll smash the potatoes just like we would when we make smash potatoes.
  7. And we stir continuously, If the oil has been absorbed by the potatoes, we add some more and let them cook until some potatoes are turning golden brown and have a slight crust.
  8. We`ll add some salt and pepper, more pepper than salt, cause the pepper and the sweet red pepper spice are the ones that defines this dish.
  9. It can be served them with organic thick yogurt or Greek yogurt, any of this two will do it.

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