This Mini Shell Pasta with Peas is one of the most tasty and most simple recipe of pasta and peas to make. The seasonings, mint and lemon, and the Parmesan cheese that is sprinkled on top, it s just what it takes for the recipe to be complete.


  • 400 g shell pasta
  • 300 g frozen peas
  • 1 big egg
  • 350 ml heavy cream
  • salt, fresh ground green pepper
  • mint
  • lemon


Mini Shell Pasta with Peas

  1. You`ll start with the peas. They need to be taken out of the freezer . Place them in a pan with hot water so it can get defrosted while the pastas are cooking. That way they will be ready and the peas won`t need any cooking.
  2. The pasta will be boiled in a pan with a lot of water. Add salt to the water. When the pasta is cooked, drain them of the water but don`t throw it away. Leave the pasta in the strainer without rinsing them, just like you would do at any other pasta recipe.
    In the meantime, place the pasta in the bowl from which you will serve them {don`t try to drain them even more of the water they retained, cause the idea is to leave them with water so the sauce can be better tasting and creamier}. Add a half a coup of water that the pasta cooked in.
  3. In another bowl you`ll make the sauce {heavy cream and egg}. Beat the egg and add sour cream, mixing with a fork. When it becomes really well mixed, pour this sauce on top of the pasta and give it a good mix as well. Add the peas. But before that, taste the peas and make sure that they are defrosted completely. The peas needs to be soft but if they’re not, wait until they do and only then add them to the pasta.
  4. After adding all the ingredients, make sure that there is no need of more sauce on the pasta. If you have to make some more, just repeat the steps you already did, more water and heavy cream.
  5. In the end, season with fresh or dried mint, fresh ground green pepper, salt {if it`s needed}, lemon juice from a half of lemon and mix once again for the last time before you serve it.
  6. Place the greater parmesan cheese in a bowl so you can add as much as you’ll like on your dish
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